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Reference Number: 289 0304 MHU


Job Description:

The successful incumbent will manage all the operational and economic activities at the drilling site.



  • Manages the execution of production assignments, routine and trouble-free team work, provision of high-quality services, efficient use of fixed assets and working capital, consumables and equipment, protective equipment and work wear.
  • Works on improvement of production processes, technology, mechanization and automation of production processes, prevents deficiencies and improves the quality of services (work), ensures costs saving of any resources used, introduces advanced types of work processes, certifies and rationalizes workplaces, uses reserves to increase productivity and reduce production costs.
  • Manages the work of drilling foreman. Manages work processes at the site, current production plan, accounting, preparation and timely reporting on production activities at site, improves working conditions, proper use of wages and incentives forms and systems, compiles and disseminates advanced work techniques and methods, studies and implements advanced domestic and foreign work experience.
  • Provides technically sound operation of equipment and other fixed assets, in accordance with schedule, manages and controls preventive maintenance of equipment and mechanisms available on site. Personally, manages and ensures safe and healthy working conditions, takes measures to prevent accidents at work, monitors the work schedule of rotational workers. Keeps records of working time of site workers.
  • Recruits workers, makes proposals to company management on hiring and termination of personnel, personally assigns and expediently uses specialist employees.
  • Monitors the observance by employees of rules and regulations for labour protection and safety, operational and labour discipline, and internal labour regulations.
  • Presents proposals on promotion of high-performing workers, imposition of disciplinary measures on employees, violating operational and labour discipline, with application, if necessary, of material penalties.
  • Arranges work processes to improve the skills of site workers, conducts mentoring work amongst the team.
  • Cooperates with other companies, organizations and institutions on production and other issues associated with duties of technical manager for drilling operations.
  • Takes measures to increase the monthly drilling operations from 1000-1200m to 1500-2000m per 1 drilling rig


Requirements: Qualification and Skill

  • Relevant tertiary qualification
  • Proven experience working with a leading drilling company
  • At least 10 years in the field of mining of solid minerals;
  • At least 5 years as a technical supervisor/manager of drilling operations
  • Must have extensive exploration drilling experience


Benefits and Contractual information:

  • Expat role